Luke Hand

The man that turned me from a gym bro to a body builder: I always had the impression that I worked hard in the gym with a good intensity….. it wasn’t until I was really tested, really pushed and really worked, by a man that knew what it takes. What it takes to look in the mirror and see your best looking back. The importance of not what you eat, but also when you eat it. William Falade took me as a young gym fanatic and turn me into a gold medal winning bodybuilder – on my very first stage debut. A sport I am now hooked on because of him, which is something I can only thank him for. A trainer, a physical and mental coach; And now someone who I proudly call, a friend.

Malika Faye – WBFF Pro

I approached Will when I decided I wanted to compete with the WBFF purely because he was the man for the job. Will is professional, knowledgeable and he brought out the best in me during my 20 week prep. He was always reassuring and understanding on my difficult days and believed in me. His communication was always on point and I learnt so much from him during the process. He pushed me beyond my comfort zone in every way (I thought I knew what a killer Leg day was before training with Will… I was so wrong!) His genuine caring nature and “no nonsense” approach was the perfect balance for me to achieve my goal and I was successful in gaining my WBFF Pro Card on my 1st ever attempt. Will is an amazing inspiration and a fantastic coach, and my results are testament to his expertise along with his ability to form a genuine and honest working relationship! He’s the man!

Donovan Junior

I got in contact with Will when I first decided I wanted to compete and get on stage, it was just a chat to find out a bit more of how it all works and kind of wanted to pick his brains about the whole process, after this conversation my mind had been made up to give it a go and also who I wanted to get me ready for the stage. We decided a date and a show so I had something to work towards and gave me plenty of time for him to get to know my body better instead of rushing to do just any show. In the past I’ve done mini cuts for holidays but the condition Will got me in was unbelievable, he took my training, motivation and focus to a whole new level. Can’t thank you enough coach. Let’s grow.

Louise Berry

In January 2008, i got my programme reviewed by a new instructor, Wills. Over the next few weeks i lost a few pounds. But then in February,Wills came to me to tell me that he would no longer be working as an instructor but that Personal Training was coming to the club and that he was their first PT. Personal training to me was something that only the rich and famous took part in and there would be no way i could afford something like that. However, he offered me a free half hour taster session which i really enjoyed and said that if i bought an 8 week block off him he would give me his word that we would get noticeable results or he would give me my money back! So, i borrowed the money off my mom and got started. At the end of the first 8 weeks i had lost nearly 2 stone in weight. I then got the money together to book another 8 week block with him and by the end of that had lost another 1 and a half stone. At the end of each 8 weeks Wills would get me to do a fitness test and would measure me to see how many inches i had lost aswell as how much weight i had lost. It was amazing to see how much i had improved over that first 16 weeks and Wills did not just help me develop my fitness but helped me rebuild a lot of lost confidence in myself. I was starting to change as a person and saw myself in a more positive way for the first time in years. He became so much more than a personal fitness trainer as he helped me psychologically too and became a confidante and a good friend. By the end of the initial 16 weeks i felt so good, i was buzzing! I was officially addicted to personal training i think! So, again i got the money together to this time buy another 16 weeks from Wills. I told him what areas of my body i wanted to change most and how i wanted them to look, what sort and size figure i wanted to achieve and we got cracking! This is when he really started to push me and train me to failure. There were times where i would just feel like collapsing in a heap and giving up and where i would have tears in my eyes because i thought that i couldn’t push any harder but with him next to me asking me ‘how much do you want this Louise?’ and saying ‘challenge yourself’ all the time, i carried on. Now, i hadn’t run for years either because carrying all the weight i did have i was embarrassed and i would get out of breath very easily. But, Wills wanted me to start running on the treadmill and i refused because i was still embarrassed to. So, this is where he introduced circuits and got me running in the studio. After a few weeks he took me out into the gym and ran on a treadmill next to me. That was it, cured! This meant that we could incorporate running into my programmes which would help with all over weight loss. My sessions with Wills would vary from week to week. I would do an hours cardio alone but as set by him then meet him for a session which included strength training, power training, super sets, drop circuits, pad work. During this period of time, i discussed with Wills how i wanted a change of career and asked him if he thought that a career in fitness might be an option because i had seen the other side? He thought that this was a brilliant idea and encouraged me to apply to college to do my level 2.

Charlene John

What can I say, Will is a great Coach/PT. He doesn’t do short cuts, if you are serious about changing your body/lifestyle he is the man to turn to. He leads by example. I cried.. I threw up.. there were days I wanted to give up but Will was always there with a bicep or two if ever needed. There’s no fuss or special potions just hard work.. dedication and Wills guidance oh and a few dance moves chucked in for free just to make you smile on those bad days. When you have Will Power you can’t go wrong..


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